Tsuboki Face Massage

Tsuboki is great for stress management, giving a a feeling of inner peace and calm as well as having the great rejuvenating effects associated with massage of the facial muscles and stimulation of collagen and elastin within the connective tissue.

Beauty is more than skin deep and Tsuboki helps to promote well-being and the removal of metabolic waste products, which affect muscle tone and general appearance of the skin and positively affect the balance of health in the whole body.

Following relaxing massage of the face and neck, acupressure or Tsubo points along the Meridians (energy lines) are gently pressed and stimulated.  This treatment seems to have the dual effects of deep relaxation and yet a feeling of alertness soon afterwards.

With Japanese face massage we improve the appearance of the face by working both the surface and deep musculature, as well as the skin. Also by working on the main meridians in the body, it is helping balance the health of the whole person.                              

Where there is an imbalance of Ki, it appears in the face, so if we help the energy to become more balanced and flowing, the face will naturally become more radiant.

Face Massage – Tsuboki also works along the meridian pathways that run from the face and throughout the body. Working specific acupressure points along these meridians helps to restore balance to the whole body. Tsuboki also works on the lymphatic system to encourage the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the tissues of the skin.

Tsubo = (acupressure point) – this is a place along a meridian or energy pathway where the energy can be most influenced, affecting the systems of the body on many levels.

Ki =  the energy that flows through the meridians.

 It is a truly relaxing and beneficial, most of my clients see an improvement in skin tone and appearance and a smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines, and often report that Tsuboki certainly has more than just the physical benefits of rejuvenating the skin and that they feel more alert, calm, serene and even euphoric afterwards.