Top to Toe “Pamper Days”

Top to Toe Holistic Treatment Days in the comfort of your own home with friends or family!

We have launched Top to Toe balancing your Mind, Body & Soles. Bringing you the 3 R’s; Relax, Rejuvenate & Revitalise which will aid in the balancing of your well being, this is exactly what our TOP to TOE days will bring you!

Your Top to Toe Package will include one Reflexology and one Indian Head Massage treatment, or a Tsuboki Face Massage. each of these treatments are 45-60 minutes.

Marie is a qualified Reflexologist and Pam is a qualified Indian Head Massage & Tsuboki Face Massage Therapist & Reiki practitioner but all that aside we are passionate about sharing our Complimentary Therapies with you, because we know how important Self-Care is and it all starts with making sure your body is in balance with itself!

Book a day of Holistic Therapy Healing with us and you will feel wonderful after!
The idea of a Top to Toe day is to have time to yourself but also making it a social time with your friends/family. You can book us for a whole or half a day depending on your numbers.

Marie and Pam will come to your house, a separate area for both is preferred as this gives the person receiving treatment total privacy, if this is not possible we screen off the Treatment Beds for privacy, we bring all our equipment so you don’t have to supply anything except a plug socket or two!!

You can choose to have one hour of Marie’s Treatments of….
Foot/Leg Massage
Back/Shoulder Massage

or one hour of Pam’s Treatments of…..
Lying Down Indian Head Massage – Seated is possible for those that cannot lay down easily
Tsuboki Face Massage
Back/Shoulder Massage

Alternatively you can choose to have 30 minutes of one of each from Pam & Marie – for your Top to Toe experience.

If you would like to know more about our Top to Toe days then please do not hesitate to contact us.


We ask that you confirm numbers of treatments 3 days before the date of your party.
Cancellation must be within 48 hours of the party otherwise fees will apply.
We ask that Two treatments per therapist be booked.